Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fuzzy math......

Remarkable.... how simply rephrasing and renaming something can change how people think about it. Human minds are convoluted places, especially when folks are willing to lie to themselves, and happily look for ways to do so.

Take the 'Debt reduction' deal Washington politicos just saddled our nation with. There is, in fact, not the slightest bit of debt reduction involved. There is only a very small reduction in the planned increase of debt accumulation. Thus, those in power rename such shenanigans as 'debt reduction' through some twisted internal logic, and their political base gobbles up the illusion with both hands.

Now, Standard and Poor's financial rating company has downgraded the United States bond rating from AAA to AA+, with a negative outlook. The administrations response is to challenge S&P's math, saying there is a two trillion dollar mistake... and that invalidates the entire rating.

The thing is.... that 'mistake' once again revolves around a difference in 'rate of increase' calculations, and does not in fact represent any significant difference at all once the semantics are burned away in the sunlight of reason.

I just looked out into my driveway, and regarded my computer operated, fuel injected, mileage optimized mode of transportation.... which turns out to be a 17 year old Volkswagon POS... no matter what label I hang on it.

Funny how that works.

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