Thursday, August 11, 2011

My growing viewpoint? I no longer see a point to talking about it.

I'm in the same boat as President Obama. In other words... I haven't the least iota of experience at macro-economics. That said, I see no way at all our current situation can end in anything less than extremely harsh times indeed.

No amount of pissing, moaning, complaining, discussing, pontificating, or talking about the situation will effect any cure.

I'm moving to preservation mode.


TenMile said...

GL with the school year.

Question: Of the 38 teach gone, how many were supervisory types? (given you'd lump all certificates)

Question: Of the 38 gone, where any of them in the rating group that lowered your awards? (from year before last to last year)

Carteach0 said...

How many were admin of some type? A handful. They included a few leeches without noticeable purpose, but also included one of the best principals we had.

No worries on that score... we've had more new people flooding into admin than ever, and now carry a ratio of about 1:5, admin to actual instruction.

I understand our 'broke' school has bought another building down the road, and plans to renovate it into swanky new administration offices... far removed from actual icky students. Could just be rumor. There is no downward communication about plans or goals, so who knows.

Meanwhile, our current principle who only last year swore to have his salary frozen... just took a big$$ salary increase (like... buy a new car type of increase). At the same time, all the support staff got a raise as well.... of one penny.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'rating group' or 'lower our awards'. As for the instructors who left, every one of them was either snapped up by a competing tech school or went back into private business. Most of them within hours.. not days... of leaving. They are good people.