Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School.... soon

Almost time to do it again. I start in two weeks, the students in three. Naturally, I was in school today doing unavoidable get-ready projects.

Broke the lone copier available for instructor use. Twice. I'm glad no one else was around to get cranked over it.

Found out another instructor quit. Packed his things, drove around the building to the office, handed in his resignation. That makes 38 +/- people who have left in the last two years. What really worries me.... a lot of those folks are way smarter than I am.

Found out my program's text book order never made it past administration. It's stuck in somebodies approval Que. That means I have to plan on having no books the beginning of the school year. It also means most of my prior planning is out the window. So be it... they can't hurt us, we're too tough.

All that aside..... I think I'm ready for the school year to start. Give me my kids.

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CalvinsMom said...

I start formally on the 29th.

Fuck a duck.