Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bits and bits

I am now half a century old. I want a merit badge for surviving this long.

For my birthday, I bought princess a new phone. I think she was surprised. I sure was. On the plus side, now she can take credit cards.

As of this morning, the last of the prizes from the Wounded Warrior fund raiser has been packed and is ready to ship. Tomorrow I will hit the post office and Fed Ex after school. One chore off my list.

The boy leaves for Marine boot this afternoon, probably. He is a back up shipper, and that means being bussed half way across the state and waiting patiently to see if a primary shipper blows out on the last physical/drug test. If he is not on the way to the Island tomorrow AM, then his turn at primary comes up on November 7th. My son will be a Marine in six months. I have faith he will make it, barring a building falling on him or missing that rope 75 feet in the air.

Whack job ex wife demanded he leave his phone with her. The thing is, it's not his phone. It's mine, and he's on my phone account. Naturally I'll kill the line a few minutes after he gets on the bus... but after that I'll likely just let it go. Maybe it will give her some kind of twisted pleasure thinking she took advantage of me again. It's a cell phone. There are a bucket full of them inside the door of every Staples store, donated. Sad, but there she is.

The boy left his weapons with me, safekeeping while he's getting rebuilt into a Marine. Well, all except the one his mom demanded. I'm not sure that one actually works anymore (g). As for the Glock and the 1911 now residing in my safe..... I'll be doing some 'enhancements' for him, as a surprise for his future enjoyment. The Glock can use some replacement guts, and trigger work. It might get a set of glowy in the dark sights as well. The 1911 is a Citadel, and I think it will get a more extensive going over. In fact... I think I will just flat out replace it with an older Colt model... leaving it in the Citadel case of course.


GreyLocke said...

Hopefully he'll forget to remember the Ser # of his .45

Carteach0 said...

It's not like that. The Citadel is a rough puppy right out of the box. Sure... it's a 1911, but a cheap unrefined variant on the theme.

I'd like him to have a nicer one.

Bob S. said...

Congrats on raising a young man who has what it takes to become a Marine.

I'm pleased beyond belief that my two boys have both decided to be Marines.

I leave this Wednesday to see my youngest graduate Boot.

So I really know the influence you've must have been on him. Thank you sir and please thank your son for me.