Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sol + Full Circle = Hippo Birdy

I'm in the mood to buy me self a birthday present.

If any birthdays past the first one are significant, then this might be one of them. I've had loved ones reach this age, and managed to make them go all leaky eyed with a gift from the heart. Now I understand maybe a bit better.... it can be powerfully important to know there is someone in your life who truly cares about you.

Last night Princess got me... a surprise down at the pub, with friends, cakes, and all the free lager I could swill. Op-Sec prevents me from mentioning other details, but it was a good evening. She made me a piece of personal artwork, and it means a lot.

Another friend gave me a cigar, and it was good.

I think any birthday presents after that.... I'll have to take care of myself. So, my thoughts this morning... and perhaps a choice to make.

  • A visit to the local butcher shop for a really, really good steak... and some primo bacon. Cost >$20.00, and some time spent fanning charcoal on the grill. It's a perfect day for it, even if it would be just me, a steak on the grill, and a good book.
  • A visit to a local gun shop, and a new toy from same. I've had a hankering for a Ruger 22/45, or perhaps a S&W M+P .22 rifle. Cost ~ $500, and will surely lead to an hour or two redecorating the firewood pile out back. That much fun is sure to attract the neighbor boys, and it's a kewl thing to play guns with a rat pack of country boys. They are good kids.
  • A visit to a friendly camera shop I like, and maybe a new Canon DSLR. I've been drooling over the 60D all year, and perhaps a birthday present is a good excuse to give myself one. The sticking point is.... cost < $1200. That's as much as I paid for my CAR. On the other hand.... no one is going to buy me one but me, so if it's ever going to happen I'll have to do it myself.
I'm the kind of person who thinks about buying toys... and then puts my wallet away in fear and common sense. That doesn't mean I've ever really saved any money over the years. It just means I agonize long and hard before buying new toys.

Like now.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, teach.
I was fortunate to qualify for advanced auto mech as a senior. Mr. Rukavina was his name and he had a profound affect on my life. For fun he raced solo 2 competition with the SCCA in a '68 Camaro that he bought brand new when he was a kid. That thing sounded like a sewing machine at 6000rpm. (327 with a rock crusher) He treated us like mature adults and expected the same in return. Clean adult humor, adult situations, etc. Great guy.

I take the time to share this in your sand box to pay homage to him and you and guys like you. Some where some kid you had in your sphere of influence will feel moved enough to write a few things about you because he/she looked up to you. You will rarely hear about it, but it's there. Your efforts make the world a better place. That is good. Cliche, but good!

Who will fill the void you leave behind when you decide to hang up your spurs? A good teacher is one of the most subtle and dangerous people on the planet; like the tides - inevitable.

Stay salty


Old NFO said...

Good choices, but the final choice is yours... :-)

Jean said...

Number matters not. Only that you are alert and above ground to enjoy the day.

Happy birthday, Art!

Carteach0 said...

Anon... Thank you. It means a lot.

NFO... Yes, yes it was. As I was considering toy options, a situation came up and I solved it by purchasing a smart phone for Princess. It's a business issue, and needed solved in a few hours while she was busy elsewhere making money happen. I guess that took the starch out of my will to spend money. Probably best in the long run.

I soothed my feelings by running some 9mm at the woodpile, through a weapon my son is leaving in my keeping while the Marines restructure his life.

Jean.... Hug, my friend.

Mark said...

Happy Birthday, Art!

Wife and her dragon also wish you a happy birthday.