Sunday, October 2, 2011

How the world has changed......

I have big feet.

Not necessarily out of proportion to the large, 'fluffy', bulk of manliness I am, but they are big no matter how you cut it. I am talking big as in.... I generally cannot buy boots at most chain retailers. K-Mart? Wal-Mart? Whatever-Mart? Nope.... they stock shoes and boots for little people, not normal sized people like me.

RedWing used to stock my size, till the local store got sold to a new owner. Now he stocks only fast movers... leaving my tootsies out in the cold. Sure, he will special order for me.... with pre-pay and no returns if they don't fit.

Cabela's typically stocks in my size, at least a few pair. On the other hand, their store is an hour from the house. On the third hand, my experience in their shoe department is there will be fifteen customers and two clerks.... on Valium... and at least two of those customers will be Imelda Marcos wannabe clones who demand to try on forty eleven pairs of shoes each, while never purchasing any.

So what's a man to do? How about going shopping..... On Amazon. I can enter my boat .... er.... 'boot' size and see a few dozen choices. I can also read reviews from folks who have tried the products and offer their thoughts. Shipping is free most of the time, and if they don't fit I can return them without a question.... not that I've ever had a pair not fit, which is unusual for me.

Adding to the fun, if I wish to, I can link into Amazon from the site of someone I'd like to support and they will get a little jingle as a commission.

How the world has changed, my friends.... how it has changed.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as a 14 EEEE, I strongly suggest New Balance.

Carteach0 said...

3 to 5 miles a day on concrete and terrazzo floors, in an industrial shop environment. I need boots, and decent ones.

Bygdawg1996 said...

I understand your challenge completely. I have a hard time finding my 16w in a pair of boots that are decent. I have found most the time Weavers in Fivepointville good in service and quality of product/selection. I also can recommend Wolverine as a comfortable pair o boots.