Sunday, October 2, 2011

Investment on a small scale....

Yesterday, I heard some banging coming from next door. Like most country boys, I can form a picture in my head based on what I hear. I walk out the back door and confirmed what I was hearing.

The neighbor and his boys were filling a trailer with split firewood, and I knew exactly where it was going.

My house.

See.... a few months back I told neighbor I'd be happy to buy any wood he cared to cut, as our woodstove is a big part of heating the home on cold Winter days. I'd rather see my firewood money go to him and his boys, even though I like my 'Firewood Guy' too.

Now, I already had four cords piled and stacked when day broke yesterday, but I was still good with having another show up. My thinking is simple.... firewood stacked at the house is not far different than cash parked in the bank, except it actually gains value and is slightly harder for the government to steal.

So, neighbor has a little more cash in his pocket to support his family, and I have a little more wood stacked just off the front porch. The economic situation being what it is, I know I can turn that wood back into cash this Winter if I must, and do it in a few days and with a profit too. Added to that... a certain satisfaction to having a pile of 'heat' just outside the door where it can greet me as I step into a cold and harsh world.

That's a return on a small investment I can understand.

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