Friday, October 14, 2011

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.... JayG is auctioning off some awesome stuff for a good cause. I suggest you go visit his site and take a look. He's a stand up dude.... even if he does wear a skirt sometimes.

.... I was approached by a local community college about doing some adjunct teaching. Nice to be wanted, and I'm looking into what I can do for them. Now, by 'local', I mean an hours drive.... but the pay would be reasonable, and it might turn into an offer for a full time position, which I would enjoy considering.

.... My partner instructor was hit up by our principal the other day and told "You have nineteen students failing in your program. What are you doing about it?" Sadly, the question has no basis in reality. The man used to be one of the best teachers in the school. It's a shame to see such talent killed off by a tie and a leather swivel chair.

.... Earlier this week, no less than five of last years students came to visit us. One in Marine dress blues... on his ten day visit home after boot. Once he finishes Combat Infantry Training, he's off to aviation school for a year. Damn. The others are doing okay too... several in degree tech programs and all of them working. Nice.

.... I managed to burn up a sick day this week. Called it a 'Mental Health Day'. Still have three months worth of sick days left. Anyway.... since I was out for a day, they took advantage and scheduled me into several meetings the next day without telling me. Totally kerfloozled the weeks teaching plan, but we handled it easily. That's our motto in Auto Mech: "You can't hurt us! We're too tough!"

Ahh well..... Time to saddle up for a frolicking and fantastically fun Friday. Ya'll have a good day, ya hear?


Suz said...

It never occurs to 'management' to ask the students, "What are YOU doing about it?" does it?

Old NFO said...

Time to move on Sir...

Jay G said...

Thank you for the link, kind sir!