Monday, October 3, 2011

Self defense is a state of mind......

Years ago, I had a V-8 chevy timing chain that was wrapped in friction tape, and resided as a dust collector on top of the fridge.

I also had a walking stick, which lived alongside the front door, leaning in the corner.

Why? Because self defense is about state of mind more than it is any particular tool or weapon. Both of those things were placed there to be handy if need ever came. Ten seconds after the elephant shows up at the door is not the time to be hunting for pachyderm repellant.

That reasoning applies to the Tuff Writer 'Tactical Pen. Just like a walking stick leaning near the door.... It has uses.... and then it has uses.

I'll tell ya'll one thing..... after one holds this serious piece of business in hand, one doesn't want to let go. Yes, it writes, and is designed to write under just about any condition. That's a good thing for those who must be able to write clearly, even after the feces strikes the rotating air circulation device. More than that... it's a self defense pressure point and striking piece that's darn near indestructible.

Nice. I think one like it belongs in my pocket. All day. Every day.

Because self defense is a state of mind.

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