Monday, October 3, 2011

Weis Markets... The low hanging fruit of customer service ridicule.

A Sunday morning trip to the grocery store for a few needful things. Not too early.. 9am. Not too needful... orange juice and bacon. The store wasn't busy, but it wasn't empty either. The parking sported thirty or forty cars belonging to folks busy about their day, and running their errands early.

Walking the store, dodging busy stock boys and not-so-busy 'managers', I somehow managed to accumulate a cart full. The bacon looked too sad to give it a nod, but canned soup was on sale and we can always use more cheese and the Plantain looked good, and baked potatoes would taste good and.....

I arrived at the front of the store to find ONE... only ONE checkout line open. The lone cashier was at the '15 item or less' register. Every other register was unmanned, but not unobserved, as several managers had time to stand around swapping BS and kicking stock boys who wandered past.

Weis Markets..... it's like they exist just to piss off customers, not to make money.

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ZerCool said...

Amen. The local groceries are famous for doing this as well. I don't understand it at all. It ensures I'm going to be shopping at off times or just going elsewhere. I've been known to leave a cart of groceries sitting there if it gets too ridiculous.

One of the policies at BBHIS that I thoroughly approve of is opening another register as soon as there are more than three people waiting in line.