Monday, October 3, 2011

So... what happens if they disolve the BATFeioeio ?

Just thinking thoughts over coffee this morning.

So... what happens if the BATF is dissolved? I doubt their real investigations will vanish, past anything connected with their mind numbing gunwalker disaster. Given the state of Federal government and unions, I also doubt very many of their agents or administrators will vanish either.... and therein lies the nutbuster.

As for the BATF field agents, I would guess most would be absorbed into the other 189 different federal enforcement agencies. The thing is.... who will take them without being directly ordered to? What few folks I know in that 'industry' regard ATF agents as the Keystone Cops of law enforcement, only not as bright.

As for administration people..... that's where it gets scary. I know from my own experience in education, an unstable or incompetent administrator can take an institution with a generation of history as the finest of the breed, and turn it into a shithole in just a few years. Imagine 1000 BATF administrators with long histories of entrenched incompetence being seeded through federal law enforcement agencies, all eager to prove themselves able to play with the big kids.

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Art said...

I would imagine the whole kit 'n kaboodle would be folded into a new cubbyhole of the DHS.

"Oh look! A new logo!"

Then they can carry on in the shadows with even less accountability.