Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As seen on Instapundit, the Righthaven legal thugs are being given their just rewards.

Or... are they? The scum bucket lawyers of 'Righthaven' entered into agreements with media outlets... and the media outlets did this knowing Righthaven was going to use legal thuggery to persecute bloggers and extort money from them.

Now it has backfired on Righthaven, as it turns out they were vastly incompetent legal thugs (Which might explain their choosing to operate as legal gang rapers rather than actual useful human beings).

But... what of those media outlets that entered into the unholy (and as it turns out, unlawful) pact with Righthaven? Why are they not being hounded for reparations for the damage they have taken part in causing? Good people were destroyed in the Righthaven legal extortion scam.

Seems to me we still have a long list of bad guys to deal with.




Crucis said...

Yep, perhaps being turned on a spit over a fire. After they're sued for every penny they own and will ever make.

Still, that's too easy on them.

Carl-Bear said...

What I find most humorous about Righthaven's well-earned hole is that I know they were offered real, complete rights to several works and the chance to go after some actual-for-profit thieves. They declined in favor of chasing bloggers.

Not such a long list of media outlets; if I recall correctly, only the Las Vegas Review-Journal and one other outfit was in on this with Righthaven. Morally, they are culpable. [insert usual not-a-lawyer disclaimer] Legally, LVRJ et al are probably insulated from liability. They didn't sue and harass people; they just "sold" their rights to Righthaven who did the nasty. Of course, at least one court tossed out a Righthaven suit on the grounds that they didn't own a valid right, so I guess some lawyers are going to get rich one way or another.