Thursday, November 3, 2011

Storm prep.... 'Let there be light!'

One lesson learned in the recent power outage.... light is precious. Good enough light to read by... is something to be desired.

I have an Aladdin oil lamp, which uses a mantle and throws as much light as a 40 watt bulb. It will light a room, and one can read decently with it close at hand.

Pros: The light from the lamp is very pleasant, and it puts out enough heat to warm a small room on a chilly night. There is enough light to read by, or just conduct life in general on a dark night.

Cons: One has to have oil, and a working knowledge of how to operate a mantle lantern. Also, even a base model Aladdin is expensive, and requires spare mantles and chimney be kept on hand. Also, like any open flame device, they are an ignition point for fire.

Answer? Several Rayovac LED lanterns. They are inexpensive, so one can be had for each person in the house. They use LED bulbs, so are power thrifty. They use common 'D' cells, which are readily available and easily storable. They throw a LOT of light, and even on low setting make reading very comfortable. They need no special knowledge to operate... just push the button. There is no fire hazard from the lantern. Perhaps best of all.... 150 hours of operation from 3 little D cells.

The LED lantern has other features. A good handle on top and a hook built into the base as means to hang the light. Several operating modes, including 'flashing' for some reason. The ability to remove the diffuser and use over a greater area. All in all... it's a feature rich unit for such a low cost ($22.00)

We now have two, one in the house and one in my car. Also a spare pack of batteries. One step closer to being quite comfortable without power.

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Old NFO said...

They work, and they are cheap... A GOOD combination!