Saturday, January 28, 2012

In a former lifetime....

I spent a little time today looking through some old photos that 'reappeared' in my life. These are from years and years ago, perhaps best said to come from a different lifetime.

Among them, This image.

There was a time when I collected and repaired vintage cameras. If film was available I would put them into service a while as well. That day, the camera of choice was an ancient 120 box camera. A $3 flea market find that needed only some TLC to become operable again.

The subject of the photo..... the white cloud. In that cloud were the lives of a handful of people. Brave people who valued some things more than their own lives.

You see, at that time I lived on the West coast of Florida... and that white cloud of smoke was formed by the shuttle Challenger as it exploded shortly after takeoff on the East coast.

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Jean said...

I was on the east coast and saw the y-shaped cloud form from the explosion. Remembering still sends a chill down my spine.