Saturday, January 28, 2012

Upsy Datesy....

* I just got done loading fifty rounds of match grade for Liberty (Yes, my Garand has a name now). All things being copacetic, I hope to touch the first one off right around 12:01 in the pm tomorrow.

* Digging into a CMP can of 'Greek' today, I found a mix of Greek... Lake City... and some Godsforsaken Frenchy stuff with steel bullets. Color me perplexed. The second can was all Greek, and all good condition.

* Heard some news on the Administration Vs. Union contract negotiations that ain't. We (teachers) have been asked by the union people not to talk about it. It's all supposed to be secrety secrety stuff.... except when the Admin vomits a load of make believe on a local media hack. For the record, I have agreed to not discuss details, and I will abide by that. Also for the record, I think this is a vast mistake. We should be inviting the press into every union meeting, pushing them to print it, and building our own public web site telling the story.

I'm not under any misconception that the media, or the public, would give a rats patootie about what's going on. On the other hand, I expect admin would behave... well...
differently if sunshine was streaming into their activities. Nuff said.

Well..... if you are REAL curious, you could check out the minutes of the PUBLIC meeting they just held, and check out how BIG a stack of cash they are paying one administrator to teach another administrator how to do the job they were hired for.

* In other news, the S&W M+P 15-2 .22 rimfire AR is made of solid win. That thing is serious happy time in the back yard. With an Eotech and a LaserLyte laser mounted on it, it's SO EASY to shoot fast and accurate from any position. Look for a glory glory article about it on the other blog.

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Roger said...

To keep Liberty happy and healty,
Here is the best pictoral I have ever seen on how and where to properly lubricate (grease) her internal workins.
They also offer a nice gas cylinder plug to allow the use of commercial ammo.