Sunday, December 25, 2011

Obligatory after action gift report......

My boy treated us to dinner for Christmas, and the time was worth more than the meal, which wasn't cheap. I'm kinda happy the envelope I gave him as present more than covered the meal. He
works hard for his money, and has little to spare.

Princess gave me a couple new voices on my GPS. That was sneaky and cute. What else is she to give me? We have what we need, and wants are transitory.

Me? I gave myself a book... Maybe I can learn something.

That's it, and more than I had any right to wish for. After all.... life is good, and what else matters? Certainly not 'things', which come and go so easily. Hell, half the jewelry I make, I give away just on the hopes it will make someone happy. What else is it for? What else is life for?

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