Thursday, January 19, 2012

ABC fixing to Newthanize Newt?

So... ABC got Newties ex-wife to sit down for a bitch session about him, on camera, on the record. No shocker there. I suspect something like that is lined up for every major Republican candidate, except perhaps Paul. There they can't seem to get anything that matters, or sticks.

Hell, I am convinced the MM would make something up if they couldn't dig something up, at least where Republicans are concerned.

Naw... the real gem in that thar story is the notion that ABC might be wrestling with the ethics of using such interviews to sway voters.

ABC? ETHICS?!? Damn.... I nearly spit coffee across my laptop. Must remember, 'tis the silly season. Do NOT drink beverages while surfing da interwebs.

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markshere2 said...

I remember Dan Rather defending his fraudulent attempt to smear the last R President.

The Lame stream media liberals have zero ethics.