Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now that is dirty.....

A nice thing happened today.

I was offered a S&W M+P 15-22 for a can't-refuse-it price. It was substantially less than retail. Not the newest and fanciest model, but a good standard model with a case, two magazines, and a cheap lighted reticule 3-9 rifle scope. A used rifle, but not a mark on it.

Of course the neighbor, his boy, and I had to put some rounds down-yard right away. The rifle functioned flawlessly, we all had a ball, and we all agreed this thing is way too kewl. The young boy immediately noted all the controls mirrored it's big brother AR.

(We got some COOL neighbor boys.... )

So I'm cleaning this thing tonight. Ever clean a .22 rimfire? They can make a blackpowder rifle after a days shooting look pristine.

Friends, I could not identify the coiled up springs in the action till I scraped away the unburned powder, debris, fouling, grease, and critter remains for all I know. It was that packed.

When I was done, the rifle was reasonable clean, and the trigger is now exponentially better. The mass of fouled Q-tips and cleaning patches took two hands to pick up. A second trip was required for the used paper towels.

I think the rifle is about half a pound lighter now. How many rounds were through it? I have no way of being sure, but I know it was the last owners favorite 'fun gun'. My guess is a few thousand at least, and more likely twice that much.

Now it looks like a new rifle. Except for never being cleaned, it was well treated. Laying on it's 'assault rifle' case, it looks new.

After a bit, when life calms down, I'll shoot it... a LOT.... and write a review. From what little I see, I already suspect it will quickly become a favorite.


Old NFO said...

Good for you :-)

ZerCool said...

A fellow at my range let me try his a few months back. Instant lust.

Anonymous said...

This is where a cheap harbor freight ultra sonic cleaner and hot simple green solution really pays for itself.

Dennis the librarian shusher