Friday, January 13, 2012

Day off..

Taking a day off today, although I'd really rather be on the job at school. I can't help but feel guilty as hell for taking a day away from my kids... but I have a doctors appointment I need to keep.

I hear you..... why don't I just take off long enough to do the appointment, and then get my butt back on the job? You mean... like all us instructors have done for the last ten years? You mean... like admin has been happy to allow, since pretty much all of us work an hour or two a day for free anyway?

Nope... not allowed anymore. The last time I asked to leave a few minutes early to make a doctors appointment, I was curtly refused via a four word e-mail.

So... to keep a doctors appointment I have to take the day off, burning up an entire sick day. The school has to hire a sub for the day, while I use up one of the 60 or so sick days I have managed to save up over the years.... and they have to pay that too.

I'm not happy about the day away from my kids, but what choice does Administration leave us?

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