Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So... my partner and I have some of our students in training for competition. One youngen actually just completed a Skills contest, taking a third. Another competes in a week or so. A pair of them compete in a 'big time' contest a few weeks after that. Five teams of two are heading to UTI for their challenge this Saturday, and we hope to wipe the field.

Yup... we have been doing a little extra work to get ready for this. You betcha.

Well, yesterday we got word on the new car we were supposed to pick up for training, and the computer scanner equipment to go with it. My partner calls the dealership we were instructed to work through, so we can arrange doing what's needed.

"Oh... you need who? He's on vacation this week. No... nobody here has any idea what you are talking about".

Called the guy who runs the competition for the dealers group.

"Oh, we aren't actually going to give you a car anymore. Some school damaged one last year, so no one gets them anymore. And no scanner either. That stays at the dealership too. You'll have to take your students to the dealership to train. The guy on vacation... not much we can do about that. Did you really want to start training right away?"

We stopped doing this particular competition for a number of years because it was so poorly run. Our students were put in the position of not being allowed to win under any circumstances because of incompetent organization. They have asked us every year to come back... and we refused till now. This year we relented

At this point, I am beginning to be sorry we got our kids into it this year. It seems the contest is no better run now than it was before.

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