Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holy crap... is it Friday yet??

It ought to be Friday. I earned it to be Friday. Really....

  • Had a van catch fire in the shop while a broken stud was being torched off. At the exact same moment as.......
  • A student got his hand captured between a leaf spring and a vehicle structure.... hard. As in... "You ain't getting that hand back Sparky!"

We got Sparky free without damage, got the vehicle fire down without even popping an extinguisher, and had a WONDERFUL teaching moment towards keeping ones head during an emergency situation. The students did okay.

Just to top off the day, I got a Linkedin invitation from my Brother. Let me put this into perspective, my friends. The last I heard from elder brother was a call from his bankruptcy attorney letting me know I wouldn't be seeing the money back that I'd lent him. I'm talking 'Buy a new car' type money. This was at least ten years ago. He lives on the left coast, that being the only place he can get a job with his degree in 'Leisure studies' from Penn State.

Now he wants to be Linkedin buddies? Shit, he is still a squirrel.

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