Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gun show report....

This morning I peddled Scooter the wonder car an hour+ to a gun show. It was a fair to middlin crowded, but not swamped. Prices were high on all the usual suspects, although there was a decent representation of less expensive basic firearms. Ex-soviet imports were plentiful. Ammunition was reasonably plentiful, although case lots were rare indeed.

Meself saw a Colt AR type in rimfire that I rather wished to own, but I was able to restrain the urge. Also a few ancient S&W's that called their siren song, but once again I resisted.

Sales were brisk, and I saw folks filling out the hated paperwork on many tables. To my eye, almost half the firearms leaving in customer hands were shotguns. Specifically, defensive shotguns. If it had a shorter barrel, a longer magazine, and was in twelve gauge... it was moving. One dealer had a few dozen police trade-in pump guns at $200 a pop. It was busy, busy table.

Me? I scored the one and only can of M2 ball in the place, paying only a very small premium over CMP price. I also got a SLED for my Garand, and a thin 1961 military manual concerning various types of US ammunition. I also met a Garand collector... we talked... I got his card... he filled me in on some details that seemed important..

Not a bad morning.

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Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like a good way to spend the morning.