Sunday, January 15, 2012


  • First time shooting a Garand
  • First time shooting a Garand in a match
  • First time shooting this rifle at all
  • Mid 20's temp with a 10 mph wind
  • Only four sighter shots before scoring shots began

I shot a 364/500 2x

If I wasn't so cold right now, I would be doing a happy dance. As it is, I'll just sip hot coffee near the wood stove.... and smile.

Update: Next day....

I just finished detail stripping and servicing the M1. Slightly more than simply cleaning, as there are a few places that should be properly greased.

The only tool I used for disassembly was a M2 ball cartridge, and the trigger guard as a wrench for the gas plug. The whole process start to finish took me ten minutes.

I like this rifle more and more.


Roger said...

WTG Teach, the Garands grow on you, the more you shoot them, the more you appreciate them and love 'em.
The weather will warm up (eventually) and the ranges will be waiting.
Get yourself a Turner 1907 sling for your old warhorse. If its allowed by the rules, a slip on recoil pad from Uncle mikes really helps the ole shoulder get through a day of 30-06 goodness.

They are the absolute best. They do not stretch, dry out, crumble, or rot. Once you set it up, it stays in place.
Turner slings are a little more expensive than others but really worth it, even on a tight budget.
Stay away from most FMJ bullets, especially the bulk packed ones, their accuracy is poor.
Grease up your Garand the way the field manual says and have fun!

Carteach0 said...

I have a lot to learn, but I'm certain I'll love every minute. This rifle is just a pleasure to use. It's EASY to shoot it well.

Borepatch said...

So jealous.

And every time I drive through Anniston, AL, I cast wistful glances towards the CMP store.

Some day, some day. And a reloading press. I'd love to shoot with you sometime.

Carteach0 said...

Some day!

Old NFO said...

Nicely done Sir!

Anonymous said...

I wanted a Garand for years. Wood and steel. History. The CMP showed up at a local big gun show with tables full of rifles for display and I was hooked. Filled out all the paperwork, paid money and waited for delivery. I believe the Greek Issued M1 I received had been used for nailing railroad spikes. Bought a can of Korean issued .30-06 and went to the club range. Fired 3 or 4 clips full downrange. Picked myself up from the ground after each shot and realized this rifle is not meant to be fired from standing or sitting positions. Never looked at the target. I hurt so bad. That was 5 or 6 years ago. I have a Garand, in the back of the safe. Bolt and semi .308's are in the front. I am glad you had a great experience with your Garand.

Carteach0 said...


$400 cash right now :-)