Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mia Love for Congress

I have to be honest here. Without knowing a single thing about this candidate, I would vote for her today. The very fact that she is black, and running for a congressional seat in Utah as a Republican would be enough. I'm not proud of that reaction on my part.

You see.... my very first thought was this: The Democrat party has taken ownership of blacks (and their votes) for granted in this country for over 200 years; With the exception of that brief period right after a war initiated by a Republican president and Congress to free all slaves in this nation. Now, yet another black person is snubbing nose at the Democrats, and has left the plantation to join a people thinking for themselves. This has to seriously chap the hides of Democrat stalwarts everywhere... and we all know just how viciously mean they can be about retribution.

This woman made her stand in the face of that kind of thuggery. I admire bravery like that, and respect it. I think it's exactly what this nation needs in leadership.

Yes, I know I should base my opinions on far more information than that.... but do I really have to? Race has been made a huge part of politics in this nation ever since the Democrat slave owners refused to release their claws from their 'property', and fought a war to keep slavery intact. Right up till this last presidential election, when a vast section of our population voted a man into office based mostly on his skin color.

He had no experience, no vision, and no plan.... just a father who's skin was different than mine... yet that was enough for half the electorate. That being the case, why can't I take the same stand for my own reasons?

Yes, I would vote for this woman tomorrow... just for the choices that got her where she is, if for no other reason.

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bobn said...

You already know more about her than the county knew about 0bama in 2008.

Heck you know more about her than the county knows about 0bama's past now.