Friday, February 10, 2012

Thrift store treasure.... Sherlock Holmes

Browsing the Goodwill book racks, as I am wont to do, occasionally a real gem surfaces. Today had one of those moments.

A two volume set of Sherlock Holmes stories. Annotated, illustrated, and consisting mostly of reprints from the original series in Strand magazine!

I paid $6. I was chuckling like Renfield as I carried them from the store.


Bob said...

You're right to gloat. That's a hell of a catch.

og said...

I have the same, my parents bought it new for me as a first edition, mine still has the dustjackets and the slipcase. One of my most treasured pieces and one I would not part with for love or money. A little the worse for wear, but an excellent, excellent pair of volumes. Look forward to not sleeping a lot in the upcoming months.

Peter said...

Score! Keep an eye out for a second set for me, will you?