Sunday, April 15, 2012

Appleseed AAR....... will have to wait

Flat out exhausted. The two day Appleseed event was most enjoyable, and I would happily do it again. Not only are the rifleman skills taught worth every minute, but the added spice of the history lessons give it all the more flavor.

I'll have a post up on Carteach0 in a day or two. Likely I'll have time, as I'll probably have to take tomorrow off just to recover. I'm not complaining.... shooters half my age were falling over by days end. Everyone's scores went to pieces as the exhaustion kicked in. As for me, I can't wait till the skin grows back on my elbows. Ouch.

Oh.... I scored high enough to earn the Rifleman patch. The only shooter this weekend who did. Yes, I am bragging.


Hat Trick said...

Brag away. I don't know many that earm the Rifleman patch at their first Appleseed.

Bob said...


JohnMXL said...

Congrats on the Rifleman patch!

JohnMXL said...

Congrats on the Rifleman patch!