Friday, April 13, 2012

Shocked... shocked they are!

I teach Emissions Inspection certification here every month, as I'm a state certified instructor for that. It makes for 12-14 hour days when I do, but I like the material and the extra coin is helpful.

I ran two of those classes last month, for a total of five evenings over two weeks. I must be getting older, as a few of those 14 hour days strung together wipes me out, and takes days to recover from.

After I taught them, the adult-ed director lets me know they don't want to pay as much as they used to for teaching those classes. This morning, I see what he meant... as my direct deposited paycheck showed me what he meant was about 30% less than they used to.

30% less for the same work. 30% less than what it paid ten years ago, when I began that program for the school.

Shocked... SHOCKED I tell you.... was what they were this morning when I politely declined the opportunity to instruct those classes any longer.

"Can you just do the next one, while we try and find someone?"


Post script....... It appears the man who decided I should be paid less... may soon be paid much less himself..... as in '0'. Word is he is on greased skids, and admin is warming up for a good push.


Mark said...

I wonder how much his paycheck has increased compared to the amount of yu and your fellow teachers paychecks decreased.

Ron said...

What better way to pay for that desk for the PHB than to reapportion a bit of the adult education budget?