Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bank of America getting a well deserved swirly.....

BOA (Bank Of America) recently told a small but popular firearms manufacturer their business was no longer desired.... and did so strictly for political reasons.

The result is obvious and predictable, to anyone with even a partial clue.... BOA is getting blasted HARD. The notion that BOA didn't know this would happen as a result of their bigotry is astounding, and points towards a serious flaw in their company management.

The latest news, from McMillan:

"We felt it important to let everyone know that we had a meeting with the Bank of America State President of Arizona. He asked for the meeting so that he could clear up any misunderstanding. We left the meeting confident that we had not misunderstood Mr Fox. I have since seen two different BOA statements that indicate that they now viewing this as a misunderstanding. The latest one stated that they were negotiating with the client to clear up the misunderstanding. Let me say as strongly as I can, we are not negotiating with Bank of America. Our position has not changed."

I have no problem deciding who to believe here. McMillan has a reputation for honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service. BOA has a reputation for the polar opposite.

In other news..... BOA recently announced they are firing 30,000 people due to a shrinking business and lack of customers. The two situations are related only on the management level.... which is no surprise at all.

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Suz said...

I'm getting ready to buy a house, obtaining a mortgage for the first time in years. I absolutely cringe at the knowledge that BOA is VERY LIKELY to buy my mortgage, because credit risks don't get much better than me. I can't stand the thought of paying them interest. All the more motivation to pay it off early.