Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger..... sigh

As Roberta notes....

Blogger is soon to force their users over to a new 'interface'. I looked at it... tried... hate it. It seems to be tied into Google Docs in some way, as it has the same hard to use quirks. I switched back.

Blogger now says we 'Vill be Svitched Vether Ve like it or NOT!"

They never asked, nor do they appear to care what anyone thinks.

Okay... who am I to complain about a free service? It's their ball field and their balls, and they can decide how people play with them. If it becomes so hard to use I don't enjoy it, I have a choice or two.

Besides.... it really IS time I learned to code a web site on my own.


Blegging it shall be! All you really smart people out there.... please help a fat old gun blogger. Clue me in to web site design software and web hosting. I'm thinking that Carteach0 might develop into a web site, rather than a blog site. I'm not adverse to paying a reasonable hosting fee. Carteach0 gets 20-30,000 visitors a month right now, so it must be a host capable of handling that and future expansions.


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TenMile said...

Word Press sells dot coms beginning at about $18 a year. They're set up so you may transfer all your blogs over with one click directly from the original site. You'd have to check with them about moving the pictures, I'm not sure.

No coding necessary originally; up to you after. The dollar amount quoted is pretty basic.