Friday, May 18, 2012

Had a moment of thought yesterday, and finally recovered from the shock enough to share.

Folks are talking about being 'For' or 'Against' gay marriage. A little self questioning on my part revealed something.... I don't give a flying crud either way.

I look at it this way.... what possible business of mine is it who other people choose to partner up with, as long they don't expect me to pay their bills? Digging deep into my 'care' locker, I found not one shred of give-a-crap who my friends play house with, as long as they are happy and don't expect society (My Taxes) to support them.

As long as they are not asking my opinion, it's none of my business what car they drive, what job they have, who shares their breakfast bagel, or what manner of creature they have for a pet. My only business is choosing who I wish to call friend, and that only applies to those I know. Other peoples lives and choices are simply not my business.... as long as they don't expect special treatment or try reaching into my paycheck.

I honestly don't care whether someone chooses to marry a man, a woman, or an iguana. Why should it be of any concern to me? Marriage should be solely a matter between consenting adults, and their religion if they choose one. Government has NO place in their marriage, nor do I. Government may not have the moral ability to stay out of peoples lives, but I do.

Okay... Brain is going back to sleep now. All this thinkiness has tired it out.

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Old NFO said...

Meh... concur, do what you want, but DON'T foist your beliefs on me... As long as you leave me alone, we're all good!