Friday, May 18, 2012

Life is cha..cha..cha.. Changing again.....

No secret here... my career as a public school teacher is coming to an end very, very soon. Next month I'll begin a new job, and perhaps another career. It will be challenging, exciting, nerve wracking, and I think a lot of fun. Yes.... I'm looking forward to it.

The cha.. cha.. changes don't end there though. The huge shift in career has opened up a new vein of possibilities, and it looks like I will finally.... finally... have the funds to force a divorce through. After how many years now? I can see a light ahead in my future, and a bright time where her pall of insanity no longer intersects my life.

"Everything would be fine if YOU JUST DO WHAT I TELL YOU". The creed of abusive spouses the world over, and one I have not been forced to listen to in years. It's soon time to put the last nails in that coffin, even if the hired legal beagle is going to cost a middlin decent used car price to do it.

It's funny how a body gets used to something, to a way of living... right up until they get booted in the ass and forced to make changes.... and then how often it was all for the better.

Hind sight is 20/20, perspective is a wonder thing, blah blah blah..... but sometimes those platitudes are ever so true. I'm cresting a ridge in life that lets me look back, and see both good and bad. I also see what's ahead.... and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to be helping out at an Appleseed clinic (something about a blue hat?), and hope to better the 210 score that earned me a Rifleman patch last time.

Life certainly has it's good points!

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Rita Mosquita said...

I am sure that you know when you do have the money to hire the lawyer, the right one will be worth it, even if we greatly resent having to spend money that way. My friend's ex wife never worked, got pregnant when they agreed they wouldn't have children, and decided she wanted a divorce after her very wealthy mother passed away and left her a healthy sum of money. She had also decided she was going to get the house that he built with money given to him by his parents--his inheritance. His lawyer had another idea, and he got the house along with spousal support for a few years (until the child was 18). She still has never worked and is struggling financially.