Friday, May 25, 2012

Very soon, I won't be able to complain about things like this...

Getting ready for the new job, the company president gives me a call at home the night before, just to express how happy he is I came on board. That's class, and outstanding management skill.

Contrast that to yesterday at school.....

I arrived to instructors in an uproar over an order from fearless leader. It seems our 'task grids' at years end (due the day BEFORE yesterday) were no longer allowed to a '00' designation in front of a task. They had to have a 0 thru 10 or be listed for removal from the grid (teacher talk... confusing... I know). It had to be finished... yesterday.

I did the math (In long form so it was real clear) in the body of an e-mail to administration, just to document the stunning incompetence of the order.

356 individual tasks spread across 13 pages of grading software screens, multiplied by 42 students, equals 14,952 data points to be examined and/or modified. Given only 3 seconds on each data point, that represents over 12 hours of non-stop work.... to be accomplished in a single school day.... while working with a class full of students at the same time.

The response from administration:


In a very few more days, I won't have those idiots to complain about. I'll be back in industry, in small business where it's strictly perform or get out. A place where bullshit is not welcome, incompetence is an instant firing offense, and outstanding work gets rewarded.

This is me smiling SO BIG is scary!


Old NFO said...

I'd have already left... Just sayin...

TenMile said...

One gets the feeling the door will not hit you in the butt - you'll be taking it with you.