Friday, May 25, 2012

Chinese pocket tool...... HOW?

Please tell me how this works, financially.

I can buy this tool: Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool, On for $1.38, American money. It's sold by a company in Hong Kong and shipped from there to my house.... for free. I assume Amazon makes a penny or two as well.

Exactly HOW is the economically feasible?

Oh... and yes, I ordered a few of them. At that price, it's worth it just for the thrill of opening the mail box and seeing a package from HK with my name on it.


Bryn said...

Just to emphasise the low cost, here is the same item on Amazon UK.
Rip-off Britain, yet again.....

No wonder I buy so many small items from international sites.
The only precaution I take is that I use a pre-payment card loaded with the required cash, so that if the details are compromised my risk is as near zero as I can make it.

og said...

I have purchased some items for my phone and daughter's Ipod touch from It comes right from China. But then, all of that stuff you buy comes from China. So do you want to spend $10 on a chinese made item that enriches a chain of idiots along the way, or just buy the chinese item at the chinese price? I'm willing to pay US prices for US goods, but I refuse to pay US prices and get chinese goods.

BTW those credit card tools are laser cut, they probably cost about 15 cents to make. We used to do something similar for trade shows.