Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cool pocket tool....


In my mailbox today, an envelope from Hong Kong, China. In it was the 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool I ordered from Amazon.com a week or so ago.

Lets face it... It's just a cleverly designed laser cut chunk of stainless steel. But.... at $1.37 with free shipping from the other side of the planet..... it's a pretty damn good value.

It's nothing fancy. In fact, it's the polar opposite of fancy. It's nothing but a cheap chunk of steel. There are other, more useful, and far fancier 'credit card sized survival tools' out there..... and they all cost at least ten times what this one does.

After holding it in my hand, looking it over, and applying some monkey curiosity in the way of using it as a tool, I am suitably impressed. No, it will never replace even my pocket knife, nor will it reside in my wallet. That said, it will certainly find a home in my vehicles console. That, and I am about to order six more so I may distribute them about home, workshop, vehicles, and first aid kit. If I use just one, just once or twice.... they have earned their cost!

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