Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Sunday's rifle match


'Twas a fine and lovely day for a match. A very short rain s
pritzer served only to give shooters a little time to rest between stages, and other than that it was cool and breezy... very comfortable weather.

As the match was themed for D-Day, yours truly was shooting the M1, as were most of the other competitors. That made for some close numbers at the higher end of the days scoring. Ammunition used ran the gamut, although it mostly boiled down to Greek HXP or hand loads, with a couple shooters working on their dwindling stash of Lake City.

Of special note were several new shooters. One, a very nice lady learning the match rifle game with her husband, and shooting a particularly fine Swedish Mauser. Carlos, a match regular... former Ranger... and all round good guy is investing quite a bit of time into helping them learn the ropes.

As for the author, he managed to shoot a 395/500 3X for the match. Almost 20 points off my highest score, but good enough to put me in or near the top five for the day. That speaks more to everyone else's off day than my great shooting abilities. Unusual for me, I gave up four non-scoring shots. I called each one, but am still not sure which of the basic rifleman skills I had screwed up. I think it was a combination..... poor position, and poor trigger control.

Once I plunked my fat gut down on the ground and began taking my time, the target below resulted. Before that.... not so good.

I hope to make next months match, and get some practice in between. I need it!



Hat Trick said...

That's a pretty good target but I count 21 holes. Did somebody crossfire on your target?

Were you shooting your own handloads or Greek HXP? I'm going to try my best to get to the farm and get that match brass for you this weekend.

Carteach said...

I just KNEW somebody would count the holes! (Because I would).

At our club, we fire the two sighters and then roll right into the twenty prone. Only twenty are counted for score. There are actually 22 holes there, one is just slightly wider :-)

Thank you for the thoughtfulness on the brass. This was fired with HXP, but I am almost out, and will be using my loads the next match.