Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My partner at school and I used to joke about getting a small RV to live in, way out in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Truck in water and food. Truck out the results. No phone, no internet, no TV, no people.

Maybe.... after a few years.... maybe get a dog.

You know what? It's not looking so much like a joke anymore. More and more it's an idea that's growing on me.


Bob said...

Travels With Charlie, perhaps?

Bryn said...

I've had a careful think about this one. It strikes me that the Arizona scenario as described depends on the infrastructure being there to supply you, unless you know you can grow at least subsistence level crops in the desert around your RV. Likewise RVs and trucks need fuel - how long before supplies of everything stops?
If things break down as badly as some doomsayers are predicting, I would head for a wilderness/National Park area, preferably into deep woodland with wild meat on the hoof nearby. Slash & burn subsistence farming will be a possibility, and fuel for a small wood burner will be all around you. Don't worry too much about Rangers - they will be competing with you for resources, rather than enforcing .gov regs when the paychecks become worthless.
You also have the 2A luxury of personal weapon ownership over there - I leave it to your judgement how to make best use of that....