Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scary good day....

  • My son is attending the huge publishers trade show in New York with his wife, and managed to find Larry Correia and get him to autograph a Monster Hunter book for me.
  • I was told my oldest boys are planning a BBQ for me on Fathers day, and I need to do nothing but show up, drink beer, and eat steak. They can BOTH cook alarmingly well.
  • My new glasses came in, and the miniscule tweak the doc made to the prescription resulting in better than 20-20 vision for me. Much better. They handed me that card to read, and I asked for something with a smaller font than the ant tracks it had.
  • While there, I mentioned my old glasses had a small but annoying scratch... and they informed me the lens are under warrantee and I was to hand them over for replacement.
  • On top of all that, I hit the loading bench and cranked out enough Garand fodder to shoot the next two matches, and have a practice session. Not a single piece of brass was culled from the entire lot, and all were repacked in bandoleers and are now ready to go.
  • AND...... I have the next three days off!

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Rev. Paul said...

Perhaps you should buy the proverbial lottery ticket?