Sunday, July 8, 2012


AR in evolution. Next up, an M-4 stock.... likely of Magpul manufacture.

The barrel here is just over the 16" legal limit, but still full profile and very stiff. The bolt group is housed in a Bravo Company M-16 carrier, also legal, but heavier than an AR-15 version which gives a smoother recoil pulse.

I'm looking for lighter, handier, but still fairly accurate at range. The A-2 sight radius being retained is a big part of that.

Why no flash suppressor? Well..... why do I need one? This barrel has a superbly machined two step target crown, with none of the stresses involved in screwing on a threaded flash suppressor. Long ago, my Dad taught me.... keep it simple and it will work better.

Not to fret, friends. While this one is evolving smaller, I have another in the works being built as a match rifle.


Old NFO said...

Very nice!

Windy Wilson said...

I'm confused. Sometimes my reading comprension isn't up to snuff. Are you saying the Bravo Company M-16 carrier gives a smoother recoil pulse than the AR-15 version?
How does this compare with the Rock River version, if you know?

Carteach said...

The M-16 bolt carrier has more meat to it than an AR-15 version. The extra mass seems to smooth the recoil pulse significantly.

As for the Rock River... ask me again in about three months :-)