Saturday, July 7, 2012

Must remember......

Life is short... and shorter yet when you are on the high side of fifty years old.

I'm looking forward to a day working hard in 100 degree temps, trying to keep my crew alive, healthy, and productive while we work a fast paced business taking care of customers.

Today could kill me. Driving to work could kill me. Going to sleep tonight could kill me. I could choke to death while eating a hot dog for lunch......

But, that does not matter so much, because in the final analysis I can only plan as best I can, with no surety to the outcome of my actions.

What matters is...... right now..... this moment.... This cup of coffee, and this comfortable chair, and this peaceful home.

It all may change... is almost sure to change... in the next hour. But right now.... it's a good moment.

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