Thursday, September 13, 2012

Littany of the decline.....

  • More people are leaving the banking system, as the depression worsens.
  • Our president snuggles up to terrorists, and shuts out the most stable nation in the Middle East. Insanity.
  • Almost 40% of working age Americans.... don't have jobs. More and more have given up looking, and thus dropped off the official government cooked books.
  • Our legislators design crisis into the system, giving them something to campaign on... while speeding up the death of our economy.
  • Europe is in denial as their marriage breaks up... and the divorce proceedings are going to get very rough indeed.
  • The Middle East is once again lighting the fires and beating war drums, as their religious leadership get their collective rocks off on violence and mayhem. Stoning women to death and beheading guests of their nation are just gateway drugs to them... now they want to burn the world too.
  • The presidents plan of quadrupling the number of US soldiers in Afghanistan, and then bullshitting his idiot followers about drawing them down.... is an abysmal failure. Afghanistan is reverting back to a terror driven nation faster than you can say 'Death to America'.

Time to reconsider those Winter plans, folks. It might be colder than you think....

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