Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm preps.....

  • Wake up with a vicious hang over after just a few hours sleep. Ouch.  Ouch.  Damn.  Ouch. Holy Crap Batman, I'm an idiot......
  • Brew coffee.... and check status of butane stove and percolator.  Good to go on coffee making after I grind an extra pound of beans.
  • Check water stock..... Filter pitcher has a fresh filter, and there are four cases of bottled water on deck.  I will fill the tub tonight, just in case.  It makes flushing easier.
  • Food.....   we're good.  Lots.
  • Freezer full, but nothing expensive.  If we lose power for 24 hours we are okay.  48, and we lose some stuff.  Not enough to cry over.
  • Fuel.... enough firewood to survive the zombocalypse.  Vehicles are fueled up.  Need to get gasoline this morning for the chainsaw, and some K1 as backup backup heat.
  • Cleared all the storm drain grates on the road this morning.... that's done.
  • Checked the sump pump.... new and operating fine, as long as we have power.
  • Checked alternate parking for cars, far away from trees.
  • Working on backup plans for work, to cover my presence if the roads flood out here and I can't go in.
  • Texting and calling neighbors, to see if they need help prepping. 
  • New batteries in the LED lanterns, not that they needed them.
  • New batteries in the Eotech, not that it needed them.
  • Extra cell batteries charged, and laptops charged.

Now..... what am I forgetting?

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Old NFO said...

Load spare mags??? :-)