Monday, October 29, 2012

Zombies HATE these things.....

Seems like a good day to mention these things: Rayovac LED Lantern

I own three of these things.... and have found them worth every single penny they cost, and more.

Lots of light... like 'reading comfortably' bright light, and a lower intensity mode that makes for very nice walking around the house/garage/patio type lighting.

Being LED units, they sip battery power like it was fine whiskey.  I've used mine for outdoor party lighting all summer long, and never needed new batteries.  With the oncoming storm, I replaced them anyway, just in case.

Most of those parties, the lanterns were forgotten overnight, and were found burning away the next morning.  These things last forever on a set of batteries!  

No heat, no flames, utterly safe, excellent and very useful features (Carry/hanging handle, blinking ready light, etc), and they last forever on a set of batteries.

Yup... I have three, and some batteries..... which means I have all the light I can use for days and days and days...


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