Monday, November 5, 2012

Life goes on?

It appears I am no longer in a 'relationship'.

It will take some time for this new part of life to stabilize, and I'll avoid any more decisions for quite a while, till I can come to grips with everything and find a peaceful center.

After that.... who really knows?    

Someone once told me "Lonely?  I have being alone down to an art form!".   That notion is not nearly as sad as it used to be.  In fact.... right now it sounds quite attractive.


Peter said...

There's an immense difference between being 'lonely' and being 'alone'. I've been the latter for the vast majority of my life, but I've always had so many interests, activities, etc. that it's never bothered me. I'm blessed to be in a good relationship now, but that happened by accident and unplanned.

My parents brought up all of their children with the advice that we needed to be, as they put it, "interesting to and for yourself as well as others". That's not a bad philosophy of life, IMHO.

Old NFO said...

Due to my work schedule, been there for a 'number' of years... Rather peaceful... :-)