Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tam has a small medical issue that could end up with some big bills.

Most people don't know this... Tam is the reason this blog exists.  Heck, I doubt she even remembers it herself.   Not only is the lady a friend, but I personally feel beholden to her...... which explains the hit I just made on her PayPal button.

OldNFO and some folks have started up a raffle to help us all pitch in. Top of the list is one of Old NFO's personal Colt's, and a fine specimen I know it to be.  More things are joining the raffle list, all from people who care.   Carteach will be digging around the safe this weekend himself to see what can be added to the prize hoard.

Folks.... This aint charity.  This is friends taking care of friends.   It's time to dig into the couch cushions, ashtrays, and change jars...... and get it done.


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