Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A year or two ago, while I was taking an American History course required by the school system, our professor (A devoted liberal Democrat, and an honest man) spent some time discussing the early political situation in New York.

Neither he nor the text books made any bones about it..... New York's gun control acts were enacted for one reason only:  The criminal gangs worked for the bosses, and too many criminals were getting shot by their victims.

New York gun control was enacted to protect the criminal gangs working for the politicians.

The same class delved into reconstruction in the South, and of course touched on gun control laws of the time.  In that situation, gun control was unheard of till after the civil war ended, and then 'Something had to be done'.    That meant, something had to be done to keep the uppity blacks from arming themselves.... and thus were born a slew of gun control laws across the Southern states.

Southern gun control was enacted to disarm the freed slaves, and protect the Klan members.

Now we once again are seeing draconian gun control legislation being rammed through the political hallways.  This time, it's a different set of criminals being protected..... otherwise, there is no change.


Old NFO said...

Yep, all true, and no they don't want it publicized...

Crucis said...

Gov. Cuomo is following in the steps of his criminal forebears...uhhh, political forebears.