Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whups.... life is changing again....

As of roughly 9:30 this A. M., I joined the ranks of the gainfully unemployed.

Home, I began eliminating the work related software packages and e-mail accounts from my various computational devices..... and weight came off my shoulders as each was deleted.

I have no idea what comes next.... although I'm pretty certain it will involve a month or two of 'relaxation' as I catch up on projects around house and shop.  In point of fact, I rather expect to work harder now that I am out of work.... odd as that sounds.

Seriously.... I'm celebrating by brewing a big pot of French Onion soup, and will probably spree on wings and beer at the pub this evening.  Beginning tomorrow, the shop is getting a going over and several work areas will be renovated.  Along the way, I expect quite a bit of 'stuff' will find it's way to on-line auction.  Likely enough to fund several months of bills, unless I miscalculate.  

This should be interesting..... REAL damn interesting.

Why am I grinning?   Can't seem to stop.....

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Old NFO said...

I 'think' it's called freedom... :-)