Sunday, January 27, 2013


Get up, wander off to the morning ablations, turn on the faucet..... and ........ nothing honey.

Blastdamnsonofa.....  the pipes froze during the night.  The pipes in the crawlspace under the (1800's) kitchen. The pipes only reachable by a smallish squirrel with a death wish.

Nothing for it..... I opened the crawlspace up, fired off the 80K propane heater in the basement, and pointed a fan into the crawlspace.

Anything more than that, and I am quite willing to fall back on my 'Renter' status.  



Old NFO said...

Ouch... Hope that situation is fixed sooner rather than later!!!

Carteach said...

No worries Mate.... took about 20 minutes with the heater cranked, and the water is running just fine. Last time it did this, it took all morning.... but I didn't have 80,000 BTU's then.