Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day off today, and amongst the doctors appointments, visiting here and there, doing this and that.....  I stopped by my favorite gun shop.

A)  I stumbled on a screaming deal:  A Persian-Czech Model 98/29 'Musketoon', or cavalry carbine.   The bore is rough, and the metal finish all but gone.... but its a beautiful piece of history.  MY Beautiful piece of history.

B)  His quite little back country gun shop without even a sign (Specializes in high end collectables and such) has been utterly swamped.  People driving from half a state away since he had stock.  They sold 106 handguns last week.... and he's dreading the rest of this week, once word of a possible insane Presidential Directive begins really spreading.

People are going to great lengths to prepare.... it's like they see bad times ahead or something.

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Old NFO said...

Friend of mine down in Arkansas, small shop, has been doing about $150k/day in sales...