Friday, January 11, 2013

What if....... shudder

I was working over numbers on the calculator, shoving decimal places around...

What if... Diane Fienstein (Sp?) got her way, and Americans were told tomorrow their personal property was now outlawed and must be surrendered?  I am talking about the firearms owned by 80,000,000 Americans, of course.

If just 1 person in 1000 said NO, and put a bullet behind that statement..... the entire armed federal police capacity would be reduced by 75% in short order.  Assuming, of course, that it's federales doing the dirty work, and not locals.  If it was dropped on the shoulders of state and local police, they would lose roughly 80,000 officers in the effort.

Mind boggling numbers.

Much better we try that ballot box thing again.

Well.... here's one county where it won't be an issue.


Old NFO said...

Teh 'left' thinks we will voluntarily turn in our guns because they SAY so... idjits...

eriko said...

I had an epiphany today. We all know that none of the gun control laws have done anything to change violent crime against the general population and even if there was a total ban and confiscation there would be no change (except a possible reduction in firearms fatalities and shift in types of suicides) in the experience of crime for the population.
So maybe that is not the point. We joke, with dark humor, of civil war or something like it against a conspiracy to make us all into proles. What if it is something simpler. What if the self centered twits are afraid of dying and see the real threat as us. Criminals are not going to go after politicians as they have armed guards so it is an angry population that they fear. So rationally disarming the population makes them. and only them, safer. That is all they care about. No grand conspiracy. No protecting the population. No for the children. Just insuring thier safety. Senator Feinstein was hunted by an armed group. That is why she armed herself. She understands the threat firearms is to her so she wants to remove the threat.