Thursday, January 24, 2013

Look... we have a problem here....

It's like this....  For years and years and years, I have fulfilled my duty.  Every snowfall, whenever humanly possible, I have made French Toast.

You know this.... French toast drives away the snow demons, as is written in our genetic makeup.  It's the reason we all feel the pull of Bread/Milk/Eggs whenever the weather turns that special crispness which signals snow on the way.  

Well, I carried that load for most of my life, doing my part to save humanity from the deadly peril of ravening hordes of snow demons.

The thing is.... well.... I'm cutting back on the carbs.  To tell the whole truth, I bloody farging fat and I need to drop a few dozen pounds of flab.  That's why I'm moving my habits towards steak, bacon, eggs, vegetables, and bourbon.  In the last week alone five pounds of fat have wandered away, and I don't care to see them back.

So.... someone else is going to have to shoulder that load for a while.

As for me, the weather report predicts snow tomorrow, and I am keeping the shotgun handy,  loaded with OO.

What sauce for Snow demon?  Hmm?   Nom Nom Nom.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Nicely done sir, I'm down 4 lbs myself and need to lose 15 more.